DIY Dog Food Storage

With our sweet Molly crawling like crazy and getting into everything these days, it was time to baby-proof the old apartment. Shiny dog bowls have been one of her favorite things to try to get into so we had to build something to keep them out of reach, but still somewhere that Pudge can get to when he’s hungry. So, we came up with this:

DIY Dog Food and Water Storage Box


We made the little top lid so that we can close the food and water off from Molly but keep it open when Pudge is ready to eat. You can also store food under the bowls in the bottom of the box so it’s all tucked in and out of sight. We started with two sheets of MDF and a sheet of chalkboard.

We decided on how tall we wanted to box to be and cut the sides of the box with our Dremel SawMax. Mike clamped the boards and set-up a little shop on our apartment floor. A little dusty, but our vacuum took care of that:)

We set the box up together to make sure everything would fit together correctly.

Then nailed them together with our nail gun.

Once the box was together, we traced the food and water bowls for the top piece.

Then we traced about 1/4″ in from the bowl circle for our cut line. The rim of the bowl needs a place to sit so we made the circles just a little bit smaller.

Mike used a jigsaw to cut the circles.


The bowls sit right in the holes and are held up by the rims.

Then Mike cut the chalkboard to face the sides and create the lid closer. He nailed the sides and front on and used hinges and a door handle for the lid to open and closed. I used washi tape leftover from my dry erase calendar to cover the edge nail holes.

We put some felt feet for furniture to hold the lid up just above the food bowls so the lid wouldn’t warp.

I had painted the top board and also put three coats of poly on top to prevent water from soaking into the wood.






Pudge clearly loves it:) I do think he appreciates the new higher level of his food and water and has seemed happy with the fact that he is getting a little attention again these days. It has worked great for Molly too. It’s the perfect height that she can pull herself up and stand by it but not get her grubby little hands in the bowls:)

How do you store your dog food? Any great baby-proofing tips out there we should know about?











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